Essential Oils are potent extracts of plants which hold its “essence”, smell, flavor and wellness boosting properties of the plant. At OYLTimes we provide only the purest and best quality Essential Oils that deliver a powerful aromatherapeutic experience which is unmatched by any other brand.


Peppermint is a natural hybrid of Water Mint (Mentha Aquatica) and Spearmint. Holistically peppermint has been used for centuries because of its revitalizing properties. When used aromatically Peppermint's scent promotes Energy as well as refreshes the mind. Due to its high menthol content, Peppermint is cooling when used topically and has been used to help ease tension in the head as well as muscles throughout the body. Due to its many versatile uses peppermint is a must have oil and the perfect addition to any essential oil arsenal.


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Peppermint Essential Oil (10 ML)

  • Country of Orgin: India

    Botanical Name: Mentha Piperita 

    Common Name: Peppermint

    Part Used: Leaf 

    Extraction Method: Steam Distilled 

    Scent: Strong Minty notes with warm undertones  

    Color: Light Yellow to green 


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