The Aromatherapists Guide to Managing Addiction

As more and more resources come out as "Healthier" alternatives to smoking traditional cigarettes I thought it was important to speak up and talk about this very controversial topic.

As alternative nicotine and Vaping products such as JUUL have flooded the commercial market many politicians and individuals in the health community have spoken up about the dangers of these products. Few however have addressed the submarket of similar products such as the nicotine free products offered by companies such as KININ Wellness and MONQ Therapeutic Air.

As a professional aromatherapist and a proud educated member of the holistic health community, I feel its my duty to speak up against the use of these products and educate my community of followers on the dangers associated with directly inhaling undiluted essential oils. Below you will find a list of Safe alternatives to vaping and holistic complimentary therapies that can help put a pause on the cravings associated with nicotine addition or withdrawal symptoms.

1) Personal Aromatherapy nasal inhalers : A Great Alternative to vaping is personal aromatherapy nasal inhalers. These allow you the ability to carry them where ever you go and always have access to the powerful cravings curving power of aromatherapy at all times. A great blend for kicking the cravings of nicotine is to combine Lemon, Pink Grapefruit, and Black Pepper Essential oils!

2) Crowding out the addiction

Now this is a principle that can be utilized in any form of addiction. From unhealthy foods to Nicotine, the concept of crowding out is to supplement the craving with something that is better for you, for example; if you are trying to cut down on sugary beverages I would suggest drinking more water throughout the day. Applying this concept to nicotine addiction works in a similar way, when the brain reacts to nicotine it causes a sense of euphoria by increasing dopamine production. By removing exposure to nicotine we decrease the amount of dopamine being released in our brain and experience drastic emotional effects. in order to crowd out our craving for nicotine we need to supplement it with something that will stimulate dopamine production, for example exercise. By incorporating some scheduled light exercise daily you will begin to see some drastic improvement in your cravings as it both serves as a distraction and a physical supplementation of dopamine production. Not to mention this will help decrease the amount of natural weight gain that is usually associated with quitting smoking.

3) Meditation

Now I know that formal meditation isn't the easiest thing to accomplish for every person, but even just taking a few minutes each day (it can even be while you shower) to just do some deep breathing or positive visualizations this can greatly help to reduce anxiety which is a common side effect of nicotine withdrawals!

4) Regular Message Another common side effect of nicotine withdrawals is muscle aches and spasms. To help reduce these getting a massage on a regular basis can greatly help and will help to increase blood flow which may have been decreased by smoking. 5) Herbalism

Now not everyone responds well to every form of complimentary medicine so please consult your primary care provider (i.e Doctor) before starting any therapy. Herbs such as St. Johns Wort and Ginseng have been used to treat nicotine addition with mixed results. Talk to your doctor to see if this might be an option for you.




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