How Not to Sell Essential Oils

In a world where holistic health has become the buzz word of the century, at OYLTimes LLC we are amazed by how many people have adopted the "Its us against them" mentality when it comes to promoting complimentary therapies such as Holistic Aromatherapy. Aromatherapy when practiced within the scope of our training and education, is a powerful science based form of complimentary therapy. Much like Robert Tisserand who is a very well established and respected name in the professional aromatherapy community, stated in his most recent article on this topic, "I have always believed that it is important for Aromatherapy to move out of the realm of Quck Medicine". With this being said many people and companies out there will do just about anything to get you to buy into not only their products, but also their overall beliefs and practices, Some if not most of which are not only unfounded in science, but also potentially dangerous. It is my deepest beliefs that this is one of the major road blocks we face as a community as these claims not only hurt the reputation of the people making them, but also our overall image and credibility as a whole community. At large many groups including Anti-Vaxers have played a detrimental role in making aromatherapy and many other valid forms of holistic therapy into the laughing stock for many people who see through the pseudoscientific claims (and with good cause). There are many many people (and Large Scale companies) that make many outlandish claims that essential oils are the end all be all cure for just about every physical ailment that is currently known to man, and will advocate for the use of said oils (or similar nutritional supplements and products) in replace of western medicine. As an educated professional in the holistic health community I find these claims to be not only dangerous and ineffective, but also to be legally and ethically immoral. The FDA have very few regulations when it comes to the sale of Cosmetics, and dietary and nutritional supplements (which is the two categories for which an essential oil can legally be marketed under), but one of those few regulations is that you can only label and advertise your product within the category for which it is intended to be a part of. Advertising health benefits for an essential oil which is intended to be cosmetic in nature would mean that your product is now being marketed as a drug and not only breaking FDA Labeling guidelines, but you are now participating in the sale of an illegal substance. Or else you have went through the process of acquiring FDA approval (which no Essential oil has at this time), Making health claims in association with essential oils is 100% illegal and can result in a Cease and desist order, Large Fines, and potentially even jail time if the claims are not retracted. For example an Amish Farmer by the name of Samuel Girod was sentenced to 6 years in jail for the mislabeling of his homemade salves. Likewise Many of the largest companies in the essential oil production and distribution industry have received cease and desist orders for making medical claims about their products (Including Young Living and DoTerra). At OYLTimes LLC we are a proud member of the National Association of Holistic Aromatherapy (NAHA) and advise only the ethical and legally sound safe practices of aromatherapy and the proper use of Essential oils as a complimentary wellness practice and advocate for a truly holistic approach to medicine which involves both Western Medicine as overseen by a licensed primary health care provider in conjunction with natural and complimentary practices to boost overall wellness. Until we as a community come together and embrace all forms of medicine as a unit and stop the "its us against them" mentality we will never truly be embracing the holistic mindset. Thank you for taking the time to seek to further your education and expand your knowledge on the ethics of aromatherapy. We hope that you found the information in this article informative and that you continue to embrace the truly holistic OYLMindset in your day to day life. Be sure to check out the resources below for more great information on aromatherapy. National Association for Holistic Aromatherapy: International Federation of Aromatherapists: Aromahead Institute: The Tisserand Institute: The AromaMan:




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