Choosing the right Essential Oils

There is no doubt that essential oils Have grown in popularity over the course of the last 10 years; and with the growth in popularity there has also been a major growth in the industry for companies who supply essential oils to the public. In 2020 you can basically reach your arms out in either direction and find a different brand of essential oils in almost every store you go to. So how do you chose which oils are the best? Big direct sales companies and their ambassadors will tell you that they are the best quality oils because they own their own farms and have even coined their own fancy sounding empty ended guarantees to further enforce their “authority” in the industry. What these big companies however have continually failed to do is provide solid evidence to support their claims of purity. Many of these large scale companies that make claims of purity through slogan says will not provide scientific infallible data to back these claims, and will rather divert your attention to their open door policy that allows for you to “take part” in their process by visiting their farms and picking the lavender or other raw material yourself. Now these companies are comprised of multiple privately owned farms and even higher amounts of partner facilities and farms. Visiting one farm and picking some raw material doesn’t provide solid proof of purity when put into perspective. The only infallible way to show proof of quality is to provide scientific testing data through Gas chromatography and mass spectrometry analysis; which these companies repeatedly refuse to do claiming it will either A) reveal patentable aspects of their formulation or B) other companies could use the data to adulterate their oils to match the data shown on their reports to falsify quality matches. In both cases these claims are just ploy tactics to get you to not question them. A bottle of essential oil containing a pure unadulterated single oil has no trademark or patent value. You can not patent nature. In regards to the concern about other companies skewing their data to match their reports to show a match in quality; this practice would prove more costly to the company then it would be beneficial. If a company is going to dilute or adulterate their pure essential oils it’s a tactic to save them money, so to think a company would adulterate their oils and add synthetics to match a chemical formula would be implausible.

So how do you go about choosing the best oil? the best way we know is to look for transparency in a company. Ask yourself, does this company openly provide testing data on their oils? Who is running this company? Is this a company run by entrepreneurs who have no background in the industry they are operating in, or are they run by people who are apart of the community? at OYLTimes we strive to be a solid source of credible information and high quality products. We openly provide testing data that shows the complete and transparent results of our quality testing, and strive to provide only the purest essential oils possible. there is no question that essential oils in their pure state are equal in all regards, and we hope to see other companies in our industry be Inspired by our transparency and start to take pride in their quality the way that we do ours.




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