We all love that soft warm feeling of a nice freshly dried sweatshirt! At OYLTimes LLC we are making it easy to ditch the dryer sheets and replace them with 100% natural Dryer Balls. Our dryer balls are made of 100% Natural New Zealand wool and can last for up to 1000 Loads of laundry! Simply drop a few drops of your favorite fragrance of essential oil on the balls and throw them in your dryer with each load! Your cloths will come out soft and smelling amazing! Trust us your skin will thank you. 
Kit Includes: 
2x Natural New Zealand Wool Dryer Balls 
1x 10ML Lavender Essential Oil 
1x 10 ML Lemongrass Essential Oil 
1x 10 ML Lemon Essential Oil 

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Natural Dryer Ball Set


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